Commercial Water Pumps

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commercial booster pumps

Commercial water pumps are required where large volumes of water at high pressure needs to be moved from one place to another rapidly. They are designed for this purpose and can, with the correct sizing, supply very large volumes of water quickly.

If you own a commercial property such as apartment blocks, hotels, bed & breakfast, self-contained flats, etc and the water pressure is what you would expect, you may need to consider boosting it. We can facilitate this with a specially designed, built-to-order water booster pump set.

A cold water booster set is ideally suited to boost water in large domestic premises or commercial properties with lots of outlets ie, hoses,showers, taps etc.  Correctly configured, they provide an energy-efficient, high performance and minimal maintenance solution to boosting water pressure. The water pressure and flow can be tailored to your project needs individually.

Vertical Pump Set

Using the latest technology pumps and controllers from manufacturers such as Grundfos, Ebara, Wilo, Pentax and Cacheng, we can meet any water demand you may have. These are to name a few of the manufacturers that we deal with, contact us if there is another type that you have.

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